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Overview 09.04.2018

Well thought-out systems for bathroom design are a key factor when it comes to renovating a bathroom quickly and economically. In addition to its successful MULTISTAR® VISIONPLUS series of glass laminate wall design solutions, manufacturer SCHEDEL is now offering an intelligent range of mineral composite shower trays. The combination of wall and floor design, along with matching complementary products, provides retail and trade customers direct access to quick bathroom design and implementation from a single source. This system concept of the new LINEPLUS and PLANPLUS shower elements harmonises design and technology. The boards can also be extended with optional features like fold-up and fold-down edges, and can be cut to size on site.

LINEPLUS range with distinctive channel
The new shower boards of the MULTISTAR® LINEPLUS range make a striking first impression. The LINEPLUS ACCENT shower board gets its distinctive visual appearance from its accentuated designer stainless steel cover that fits harmoniously with the silk-matt mineral composite. The LINEPLUS PURE shower element with one-sided gradient has a mineral composite channel cover. This creates a homogeneous surface in a uniform colour. The LINEPLUS boards are available in various sizes and shapes, as well as eight contemporary trend colours. The channel is sealed in the factory and the matching DN50 drain outlet is included in the delivery. All of the elements are sealed in accordance with the standards, and the fleece seal has a 70 mm overhang all round for professional sealing to the wall and adjacent components. The installation height of 120 mm or more is based on the respective base plus 6 mm of mineral composite surface. An additional drain system at a water trap height of 35 mm reduces the height by 15 mm to 111 mm, including the mineral composite surface.

PLANPLUS pure elegance with point drainage
The design of the new MULTISTAR® PLANPLUS shower board is deliberately minimalistic. The silk-matt mineral composite emphasises this simple elegance. The basic shapes are rectangular and square, with a round designer cover on the PLANPLUS ROUND product or a square cover on the items in the PLANPLUS QUADRATO range. All elements are also delivered with a factory-fitted fleece seal and integrated gradient. A standard 90 mm diameter bore hole enables the use of all commercial shower drains.

Well thought-out system for professional, time-saving installations
The SCHEDEL LINEPLUS and PLANPLUS shower elements have a common objective: the focus is on a system concept for optimised and economical handling by both retail and trade customers. All shower boards are therefore tested and certified as per DIN 18534. In order to optimise the installation steps on site, core features such as sealing, gradient, and drain system are already integrated into the products in the factory.
An additional guarantee for quick installation is the innovative and inventive quadroU substructure system. The EPS height adjustment element ensures time savings of up to 50% compared to the conventional installation method. The simplified installation technology using installation foam and installation adhesive makes on-site adjustments quick to carry out, with a flexible height adjustment of up to 15 mm on the adjustable feet.

Clever solution: clean edge without joints
Optional solutions for the mineral composite boards include fold-up and fold-down edges, and a combination of the two. A fold-up edge allows silicon joints to be raised, keeping them away from permanently wet areas. This moves the constantly stressed silicon joint upwards. The fold-up edge also allows the resulting gradient wedge to the top edge of the floor to be implemented jointlessly using mineral composite.
For installations that are not ground-flush, the fold-down edge provides a jointless, homogeneous surface that includes the shower edge and thus creates a clean rim to the shower surface. The height can be selected as required.

The range of mineral composite shower surfaces is complemented by useful accessories for the shower area. The MULTISTAR® VISION PLUSbox is a mineral composite wall recess available in eight mineral composite colours. The elements are matched to the recess dimensions of the SCHEDEL bath module. Special designs are always possible. The material can be effortlessly processed with conventional wood-working tools. This also enables the simple on-site installation of lighting elements.

Available in the standard dimensions:
200 x 300 x 120 mm
300 x 300 x 120 mm
600 x 300 x 120 mm
800 x 300 x 120 mm
1,000 x 300 x 120 mm
1,430 x 200 x 120 mm
1,530 x 200 x 120 mm

The benefit of versatility and special designs
In addition to the standard dimensions of the shower boards, Schedel also produces special designs for uniquely shaped showers or any cut-outs required in the tray. The desired adjustments are manufactured precisely to customer requirements in the factory and the special shower tray design is supplied with a factory-fitted seal as per DIN 18534.
With its versatility, the mineral composite also scores in terms of its customised use in SCHEDEL MULTISTAR® steam cubicles, and for creative bath design as a surface on the wide selection of modules in the MULTISTAR® VISION product range. The imagination knows no bounds in this respect – contrast-rich colour combinations with the various material colours, playful free forms, or artistic shelving. An advice and design service is available on request for developing customer-specific ideas.

More information is available from: and
At the SHK Essen and IFH Nuremberg trade fairs, SCHEDEL will be presenting the new products of the MULTISTAR® BODENEBEN mineral composite range and the collection of the current MULTISTAR® VISIONPLUS wall design products to a professional audience, and will be providing personalised advice. All interested visitors are most welcome to visit us at our stand:

SHK Essen Hall 10 Stand 10 B04, 06-09/03/2018
and IFH Nuremberg Hall 7A Stand 7A.103, 10-13/04/2018

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