Shower area with plus factor – ground flush and jointless!
Barrier-free shower area plus jointless surface – the product line of MULTISTAR®BODENEBENPLUS makes it possible. An appealing tactile surface of mineral material provides optimum comfort as well as surefootedness and stability in the shower. Eight different colours offer leeway in terms of design. BODENEBENPLUS is available with three different drainage systems: point drainage, line drainage or wall drainage.  PLANPLUS stands for point drainage. The board has a standardised drainage opening of 90 mm, so that all common drainages can be used. LINEPLUS is already equipped at the factory with a channel. The channel cover, likewise made of mineral material, completes the design and ensures a homogeneous shower area. The WALLPLUS system is ready for installation of the GEBERIT Sanbloc wall drainage. The drain can be installed either in a wall or in a seat. Depending on the drainage version, you can choose the shower systems in many standard dimensions. There are also special installation solutions feasible that are adaptable to the specific spatial situation. The boards are factory-equipped with a waterproof fibre layer with an overhang of 70 mm all-round for sealing to the floor screed and wall. So the boards can be adapted to the given screed heights on the construction sites, the systems include sub-elements of different heights. For PLANPLUS, a substructure with special quadroU technology is available in addition to the conventional substructure. The assembly is done quickly and neatly using installation foam.

Jointless surfaces for SCHEDEL bath modules
Additional design aspects open up with the bath modules from the MULTISTAR® VISION flexible bathroom design range. Factory-provided jointless coated elements such as seats or wall modules with niches round out the individual bathroom design and offer leeway for creativity and feel-good atmosphere. For those who are looking for a seat in the shower, SCHEDEL offers a variant with wall drainage in a seat. The seat can also be equipped with a jointless mineral material surface.

Cutting-edge material mix in the bathroom
Jointless walls in a real glass look up to dimensions of 2795 x 1295 mm combined with tiled or plastered surfaces offer exciting design options for the bathroom. Depending on preferences, in matt or glossy, you can realise with the SCHEDEL MULTISTAR® VISIONPLUS panel your very own personal style in the bathroom. The straightforward, simple elegance of the glass laminate surface offers both luxury and aesthetic beauty in the bathroom. Especially suitable for the renovation of mirror tiles in the wet area, you can transform your old bathroom easily and quickly into a new, modern oasis of well-being. Anodised aluminium profiles ensure a clean connection between the panels and make for a neat and clean finished edge.

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